Apollo Cradles Buys New Mercedes Sprinter Which Runs On Compressed Natural Gas

Apollo Cradles has just purchased a brand new Mercedes Sprinter van.  The vehicle runs on compressed natural gas.  Bought as a trial, it is a welcome addition to their other 40 plus LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) vans, cars and wagons.

Following Apollo Cradles’ continued commitment to healthy and safety carrying LPG in a vehicle is actually said to be safer than petrol or diesel due to the way that it is stored.  The tank itself is generally built to be more robust because of the pressures that it must withstand.  It’s worth noting that duel fuel vehicles (i.e. petrol and LPG) are probably no more safe than a singled fueled petrol vehicle but a vehicle fueled purely by LPG is safer.  This article is useful for further reading has it helps demonstrate why this is the case.

There are obvious fuel savings to be had from running vehicles on LPG but there are also environmental benefits.  The Energy Savings Trust indicates that vehicles account for almost 50% smog forming pollutants. This isn’t surprising.  You can download a useful PDF here about Green Fleet Management.

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