standedge tunnel shafts

Apollo Cradles Standedge Tunnel Shafts Project

Apollo Cradles was recently commissioned to create bespoke circular platforms for Standedge Tunnel Shafts.  These platforms could be raised and lowered as required at the touch of a button.  The purpose of the overall project was to provide access for brickwork repair of 500ft deep shafts.  The project was based around construction shafts at Standedge Canal and railway tunnels.  They penetrate the Pennines between Diggle in Greater Manchester and Marsden, West Yorkshire and, due to brickwork deterioration through water ingress since their construction in the 1800′s, required re-lining and pressure pointing.

Apollo Cradles X-beams were mounted across the top of the shafts to attach platform wires.  The wires were subsequently threaded through the cores in the shaft caps and dropped down to a platform below.

Apollo designed and built bespoke circular platforms to suit the shaft diameters which were fitted with electric winches. This enabled the platforms to travel up and down the 500ft deep shafts, giving the workforce full access to the shaft linings.

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